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Architectural Graphic Standards: Student Edition 11th Edition 0
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Architectural Graphic Standards has been the go-to reference for architects, builders, and engineers. Architectural Graphic Standards, Student Edition gives students their own handy resource. Carefully abridged from the Eleventh Edition of Architectural Graphic Standards, this Student Edition features the same richly detailed graphics and text that have made Architectural Graphic Standards a classic, but updated and reorganized in a way that is relevant to today's student. Thousands of illustrations and a rich index offer immediate access to hundreds of architectural elements, while the wide variety of topics covered makes this work relevant throughout a student's architecture education and into the early stages of professional practice. With a wealth of information for the student preparing for professional practice, this new edition: Covers building standards and practices, materials and systems, and details for every type of project Follows CSI's Uniformat, a classification system that closely matches an architect's workflow Features completely updated content with a wide variety of standard architectural details
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Architectural Graphic Standards: Student Edition 11th Edition

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